P & S Nutrition provides consulting for canines with nutritional issues.  We want to have your dog at the top of his performance whether he/she is a pet or a working canine of any area.  We provide supplements that we have found are beneficial to many dogs but will only recommend them if we feel they will be helpful.  We want all of our customers to leave satisfied.  We do offer free consulting to those K9s that are part of law enforcement. No matter what function your dog has in life they are all equally important to us.


P & S Nutrition takes your privacy seriously.  We do not store credit card information.  We do not sell or pass your email or contact information on to third parties.  If you wish to be on our mailing list please fill out our form to be placed there.  If you wish to be removed please contact us at and we will remove you.

P & S Nutrition will contact you within 24 hours during normal working hours if you have placed an order to verify we have received your order and ask any questions that might arise from that order.  We will ship in stock products within 48 hours during normal business hours.


Please contact us at or 775-340-4164 if you are interested in purchasing wholesale.



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